Did Amy Ferson Remarry post divorce? Did Amy Ferson Remarry post divorce?

Did Amy Ferson Remarry post divorce?

Amy Ferson is a journalist from America. She was the first wife of a very famous journalist T.J. Holmes. She was born in Lusaka, Zambia. Amy Ferson works for CNN as a political commentator. She has worked for shows like Larry King Live, MSNBC show Way Too Early, and Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. 

Amy Ferson has kept her private life very personal and not very much has been known about her birth date and age. According to some reports it has been assumed that her birth year is in the early 1970s which makes her somewhere in her 40s. Amy is known as a National TV personality although she is not very active on social media platforms. She belongs to the Christian religion.

Amy Ferson belongs to America, she was born and raised in the USA. Her parents are American and Zambian, however, they got separated when she was 3 years old. Amy is a political consultant and journalist from the US. Not very much about her career has been known.

After completing high school, she pursued a bachelor of art degree in Economics and joined Princeton University.

Initially, she hosted the MSNBC morning show way too early. After that, She also got a chance to anchor Glenn Becks the Blaze TV where she hosted the real news. She was also a co-host of the Washington Times and talks radio network America’s Morning News.


Amy has attractive features and is a very passionate and determined woman. She stands 5 ft & 6 inches tall and weighs between 50 to 60 kg. Her hair is dark. She carries a charm in her face and has a very graceful personality.

In the month of May 2000, Amy’s name was also included by People magazine in the list of 50 most beautiful people. She has bagged by multiple awards for her work. One of the major achievements of Amy was that she was graced by the Thurgood Marshall Community Leader Award for covering political seasons for CNN in the year 2006 and 2008.

Amy also has interviewed multiple personalities such as Donald Trump, Donald Rumsfeld, Oliver Stone(Oscar-winning director), Karl Rove, leading senators, Congressmen and governors.

Dating & Relationship

Amy Ferson was married to T.J. Homes in the years 2000-2007. Initially, Amy Ferson and Holmes started dating while working together. They both had 2 children. After a few years of marriage, they parted ways and decided to get divorced. T.J. Holmes, the ex-husband of Amy Ferson, is also a journalist and popular personality. He was the voice of the popular show Good Morning America.

According to the sources, the settlement during the divorce was costly for Holmes. In a few of the interviews, Holmes has revealed that the divorce was costly for him. He had to pay alimony payments and a settlement agreement. Their divorce happened the same year when Holmes’ career took off.

Does Amy Ferson have children?

Amy Ferson and his ex-husband  T.J. Holmes have two kids, one boy and one girl. Amy Ferson’s son’s name is Jaiden Holmes, and Amy Ferson’s daughter’s name is Brianna Holmes. 

What is Amy Ferson Net Worth?

Amy Ferson is the most famous and well-known personality in the Media of  America. People who have an interest in news and media would definitely recognize her face. She has a good number of fan following and appreciation in the eyes of the American public. It has been estimated that the net worth of Amy lies between $500000 to $ 1 million. 

The net worth of Amy might increase more as she has built an amazing career in the field of media. From being a common journalist to now being a celebrity anchor she has come very far on her own. Amy and her dynamic personality make her an inspiration for many American public.

Amy Ferson’s ex-husband, T.J. Holmes, has an estimated  net worth of $6 million.

Has Amy Ferson entered into a new marriage after Divorce?

No. Amy Ferson did not get remarried after she got divorced in the year 2017.  T.J. Holmes got remarried after his divorce from Amy and then again got divorced after he was having an affair with one of the co-anchors. Amy Ferson did not marry again and chose to move back to the state of Missouri.

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