Isaiah Tota: Discover the Life Details of Celebrity Kid Isaiah Tota: Discover the Life Details of Celebrity Kid

Isaiah Tota: Discover the Life Details of Celebrity Kid

Isaiah Tota, born to Christina Milian and Matthieu Pokora, is a celebrity child who was blessed with the world of entertainment and fame. Isaiah started to gain limelight when he was just 2 years old, all credit goes to his celebrity parents that offered him such stardom and fame at a very young age. His parents gained ultimate success in their career in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will discover the life details of Isaiah Tota and know the details about his family, background, and much more.

Wiki, Bio

Isaiah Tota came into the world on 20th January, 2020, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. He is just 4 years of age as of 2024, and is an American national. Isaiah has a mixed ethnicity with a family background that encompasses different roots like French, American, Polish, and Afro-Cuban. He was born to his father, Matthieu Pokora Tota, a French musician who attained ultimate success in his professional career that he started in 2003, gaining fame not only as a singer but also as a renowned author, and an actor. His mother Christina Milian, is a much popular American singer, actress, and a song composer, who proved her point in the entertainment industry.

Parents and Siblings

Isaiah Tota parents, Christina Milian and Matthieu Pokora Tota, met each other in a French restaurant for the very first time in 2017. The vibes of the two music artists matched as they shared common interest in the entertainment world, moreover sharing the same birthday. The connection got strong with the passing days, and they started dating each other in August 2017, announcing their committed relationship in the media by appearing together as a couple in NRJ Music Awards held in France in 2017. The couple decided to be together forever and tied their knot in 2020, giving a solidarity to their relationship.

The Tota family has two more children other than Isaiah. Kenna Tota who came into the world on 23rd April, 2021, is the younger sibling of Isaiah. He also has a step-sister elder to him named Violet Madison, who was born on 6th February, 2010, from the prior relationship of Christina Milian with the Popular American musical artist Tie-Dream. Isaiah always remained surrounded with love and warmth of his siblings and parents.


Isaiah is purely blessed to have to the celebrity parents who attained significant success in the entertainment world. Matthieu Pokora Tota, famous as M.Pokora, is a much renowned music artist, and has a career including multiple hit albums and songs. His amazing work include A la poursuite de Bonheur, R.E.D, and Pyramide. Further, the talented musician not only limited his skills to music but also explored different fields such as acting with his appearance in the movie like Scenes de menages. Moreover, he has wriiten books like Editions K&B, La revolution R&B, and Ete Je me souviens, showcasing his multi-talented abilities.

Christina Milian, the mother of Isaiah Tota, developed herself as a multifaceted artist, with her skills is acting, singing and also as a song composer. She attained huge success in the American music industry with a series of hit songs and collaborations. Christina Milian rose to fame with the appearance in the Movie American Pie that made its release in 1999, and thereafter she appeared in several TV shows and films. Her dedication in the entertainment industry has led her to a huge fan base.

What is Isaiah Tota Future?

With the notable heritage and the popularity of his parents, Isaiah Tota emerges a young personality deserving tons of attention in future. His parents are willing to keep him away from the media limelight, but Isaiah with his charm has already attracted the fame and glamour. As the time passes, Isaiah’s journey will be entwined with dazzle of the showbiz arena.

The future of the young lad is uncertain yet, but with the existing dominance of his parents in the entertainment world and ultimate guidance, it is definite that his future will be shaped in a positive manner. With the mentors like Mattheiu Pokora and Christina Milian, Isaiah is likely to pursue his talents and passions in the coming future. The world is awaiting to discover the potential skills and achievements that will be showcased by Isaiah, lining up in the already existing supreme legacy of the talented family.

Final Words

Isaiah Tota, the son of the famous celebrity parents, Matthieu Pokora and Christina Milina, has made his presence felt even in his tender age. Blessed to be born in the family of popular music artists, Isaiah holds a high potential for attaining success. With the growing age, his family support will shape his career and provide an unwavering path for an amazing future. The world is about the witness a bright chapter in Isaiah Tota’s life ahead.

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