Who is Chris Potoski? A Short Biography Who is Chris Potoski? A Short Biography

Meet Brandi Love Husband: Chris Potoski

Born in the year 1972, Chris Potoski is a true-blooded American by his roots, with being a Caucasian by his genetics. Although, not many details are known about his father or his mother as of today! As for his education, little is known about his schooling or the name from where he passed out from.

However, it is quite a feat with Chris Potoski having achieved a double major in the sciences of Physiology and Kinesiology, as a Bachelor of Science, by graduating from Central Michigan University! Chris Potoski is very known for his life partner, known as Brandi Love, who has been an adult movie star for the majority of her career!

Details at a Quick Glance

Chris heads a personal business venture, as an entrepreneur, which he spearheaded and founded as TraceyJordan Properties. He is also the COO or the Chief Operating Officer for this firm, apart from owning it and being the founder of this business. TJC Properties is an asset management company.

Previously, Chris was chaired as the Director of Business Development of Curative Health Services, and assigned position in-charge as VP of Business Development for National Healing Corporation, working for quite a few years in the healthcare sector! As for his age, he is 52 as of 2024, was born in the year 1972!

Life Story

As we have previously mentioned, he was born in the United States of America in 1972, thereafter, he completed his schooling and graduated in the field of Science as a Bachelor, with double majors in Physiology and Kinesiology. After which, he was briefly employed for a few years the health care sector as a VP Business Development Director of Curative Health Services.

Following this job, he decided to establish his own firm or business in something he liked or always wished to do, thus, paving the way for TCJ Asset Management or Tracey Jordan Properties!


As not much details are available about many personal facts and figures or history about Chris Potoski’s family as well his personal life, the most information which is widely known and available is that he is the husband of Brandi Love, a quite popular adult film star!

Screen named as Brandi Love, Tracey Lynn Livermore is her real name. They both met each other sometime before 1994. They got married in 1994, and had a beautiful baby girl born to them in the year 2000! The whole Potoski family is currently situated in Wake Forest, North Carolina! 

Chris’ Childhood, Education and Early Life

Early Childhood details of Chris is not made public since Chris is a much privy sort of person, as he prefers to keep his personal and family details much under wraps from the public eye! Furthermore, Chris has never talked or revealed anything about his parents, that is his father or mother, as well as nothing, not a single detail, is known or available about any of his brothers or sisters, exists r not!

Chris Potoski prefers to stay away from answering anything asked about his parents, in any situation he may be in.

Details of Chris Potoski Relationships

It may come as a shock to anyone reading this, but Chris met, dated and fell in love with Tracey Lynn Livermore, (which she was born and named as), but is actually most popular adult porn film star known as Brandi Love! They walked down the aisle, that is got married, 10th of February of 1995!

Tracey is most commonly acclaimed for her appearances and work as a MILF and Hot Wife, as well as Girlfriends Films, Brazzers, Tom Byron Pictures, Wicked Pictures, and Hustler Video production adult films.

Tracey also partly owns or runs her own production business along with Gail Harris (of Falcon Foto). Together they both have formed a multimedia company, called as Naked Rhino Media, which specifically produces and develops exclusive niche-specific adult content for their subscribers!

Chris Potoski Squabble for his Daughter’s Custody

Since they got married, Brandi Love & Chris Potoski (Tracey and Chris, respectively), have given birth to one daughter (in 2003), whom they have christened Jesse Lauriston Livermore. Problems in the family life appeared when the parents of Tracey filed a complaint with the state’s Child Protection Services, as they were in strong opposition to their own daughter’s (Tracey’s) profession as an adult actress.

Chris has had to face the legal battle along with his daughter who was then aged 5 years old, when her grandparents filed the complaint, which led to the legal lawsuit. Luckily, or as fate would have it, Chris won the legal case,. the authorities were unable to concede of nay wrongdoings of both the parents unto their child daughter, Jesse!

Chris’ Professional Career and Entrepreneurial Adventures 

Chris after his graduation worked for the health care industry for quite some time. He worked as VP of Business Development of National Healing Corporation (now Healogic, Inc.) beginning in 2000 until July 2005. In Raleigh, NC, Chris Potoski formed and founded a software company called as the InVixis Media Systems In 2009. A bigwig conglomerate acquired his company in 2011.

In 2011, he was inducted as the Vice President at Regent Medical Solutions handling the implementation of the company’s EHR Selection, EHR Implementation, Meaningful Use, ICD-10, and Revenue Cycle Management Services. Come 2014, Chris quit the company and founded his own Tracey Jordan Properties (or TCJ Properties) in Raleigh-Durham in July 2014!

TCJ Properties is a luxury, boutique, vacation property developer specializing in providing luxury properties & a boutique experience to vacationers! However, Chris also began to take an interest in the adult movie industry and joined in, along with his wife, Tracey or Brandi Love. In 2000, after his personal doctor’s consultation and advice, he switched careers since the doctor suggested he move into a comfortable business or industry, due to his health concerns following a heart attack!

As per his Doctors, Chris Potoski had brought the heart attack himself, since he was traveling almost 240 flights in a year, while barely staying home for about 9 days in a month only! Since Chris has been producing and making adult movies and videos! 

Chris Potoski Currently Valued Net Worth

As of today, if any financial advisor were to evaluate Chris, Chris Potoski is surmised to be approximately of up to $10 million!


Chris Potoski and Brandi have loved matrimony since 1995, they are parents to a single daughter. Going by the name Jesse Lauriston Livermore, she entered the world in 2000. Her namesake is a renowned stock trader and investor from the early 20th century. In the current year, 2024, Jesse has reached the age of 24 and maintains a discreet presence on social media platforms. Diverging from her parents’ path in the adult entertainment sector, she’s charting her individual course, pursuing distinct passions and a personal career.

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