Rishi Sunak faces crashing defeat in UK parliamentary elections Rishi Sunak faces crashing defeat in UK parliamentary elections

Rishi Sunak faces crashing defeat in UK parliamentary elections

The surprising move of the current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom to held the elections early and get the aided benefit against the opposition totally gone wrong, resulting in the crashing defeat of the Conservatives’ against the Labour Party as after serving as opposition in the Parliament for 14 years, The Labour Party attained huge success with a landslide win in the UK parliamentary elections. It is expected that the Labour will attain a sparling figure of 400+ Members of Parliament.

Labour Party shows terrific turn around in parliamentary elections 2024

The Britain is currently facing a complete political turn-around that a democracy might have ever witnessed. The Conservative Party led by Rishi Sunak is set to lose more than 2/3rd of their parliamentary seats heading to their worst ever defeat in the history of UK elections. The outcome is just a few hours away but is definite that the Conservatives are about to face their historic defeat as they seemed to be out of public touch and unable to gain the trust of their esteemed voters.

After the entire counting process is finished, the seats will be declared and the current Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak will hand over his resignation to King Charles, eventually resulting into the appointment of the Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer, as the Britain’s new Prime Minister. It is speculated that this crashing defeat will be marked as the end of political career of Rishi Sunak in the British politics. He has set the record of being the first British Asian Prime Minister who preceded Lizz Truss as the leader of the Conservative Party and also the politician more rich than even King Charles.

He took over the leadership from Boris Johnson accelerating the slow economic performance of Britain across the globe. He was under immense pressure challenged by the left Labour Party under the leadership of Keir Starmer, and on the other hand Reform UK demanded severe measures to be imposed to prevent legal and illegal immigration. It has been successful to break the vote bank of the Conservatives gaining 15% of the votes from the Conservatives voters.

The next Prime Minister of United Kingdom is up to fulfill his commitments to the voters and prove himself as a reliable leader. Moreover, he seems to be in mood to include Britain in the European Union. Also, he tends to be in total support of Ukraine in the ongoing rift with Russia playing a major role in NATO western military alliance. The Member of Parliaments of the Labour Party have at times shown concern over the human rights in Kashmir, but the Labour government and PM Keir Starmer, would surely want to continue healthy relations with India as developed by the current Prime Minister of Britain Rishi Sunak.

Is this an end to the political career of Rishi Sunak?

Keir Starmer stunned with his landslide victory over the Conservatives despite of less popularity. The voters lost the faith in the existing government and have opted for a political transformation giving the Labour party headed by Keir Starmer, a chance to prove their potential and stand on their commitments. On the other hand, it is yet to see if Rishi Sunak decides to give up as a Conservative Party leader, or takes some time to evaluate what went wrong and regain the political relevance making strategies and having that belief to gain the confidence of the voters in the Conservative Party once again in the next UK parliamentary elections serving their duties as a strong opposition in the House of Commons till then.

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