Exploring the Roots of NBA Reporter Shams Charania Exploring the Roots of NBA Reporter Shams Charania

Exploring the Roots of NBA Reporter Shams Charania

Shams Charania is a popular American reporter and a sportswriter who gained limelight with his NBA reporting. He is always at the forefront pursuing his career as a senior NBA insider, predictor, sports analyst, and an expert for the Athletic and Stadium. His primary intent is to keep his fans updated with the latest buzz and insights. While working with Yahoo sports, he rose to fame covering for NBA outlets like RealGM and Chicago now.

Know more about Shams Charania

Name Shams Charania
Birthdate 1st April, 1994
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Age 30
Career Sportswriter, reporter
Nationality American
Ethnicity Pakistani-American
Salary $64k
Education Loyola University Chicago

How did Shams Charania reach his career peak?

He started his career as a sports reporter for ChicagoNow in November 2012 where he covered for Chicago Bulls till July 2012. Starting from March 2012 to September 2015, Shams provided his services as a NBA writer for RealGm.

Further, he shifted to Skoki, Illinois, where he opted to work as a concierge in the nursing section of the NorthShore University Heath System for over a year in February 2013. After having an experience at a medical unit, he joined Yahoo sports as a NBA writer in September 2015 and ended his job in August 2018. After leaving Yahoo Sports, he covered NBA as a sports expert for The Athletic and Stadium.

How old is Shams Charania? How much does he earn?

Shams came into the world on 1st April, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. He is 30 years of age as of 2024. He is a professional NBA analyst and Shams Charania net worth is estimated 42-5 million with his successful sports reporting career. He is assumed to draw an annual salary of $60,000 on average.

Who are Shams Charania parents?

Shams Charania was born to his Pakistani Ismaili parents who immigrated to the United States in 1980s. He was happily brought up by his parents in Illinois, and then got enrolled in New Trier High School for pursuing his primary studies. He then moved to Loyola University Chicago for completing his graduation.

His mother served as a nurse in Skokie hospital in the suburb area of Chicago, and motivated his son Shams Charania to work as a unit concierge on the same floor where she was employed while he was pursuing his higher school studies.

Is Shams Charania dating someone?

Shams Charania is not married, neither is he dating anyone. He is severely focused on his career as a sports analyst at the moment and is not willing to introduce any distraction in his career focus in the recent times.

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