What Animal is Mort from Madagascar? What Animal is Mort from Madagascar?

What Animal is Mort from Madagascar?

This content is to make the information available about the popular animal character of the famous TV series that is viewed globally. Mort is extremely cute and is a tiny mouse, and got featured on the cover pages of the zoo brochure. The character is very interesting and has the lead role in the series.

Who is Mort?

Mortdecai, popularly known as Mort is the lead character in the famous TV series All Hail King Julien. He is a very cute and unimpeachable mouse. His age is supposed to be about 50! He is captivated by King Julien’s feet. He is not much comfortable with the other zoo mates in The Penguins of Madagascar. He is in the side role in the Penguins of Madagascar film and an important role in its TV series. He got obsessed with King Julien’s feet after watching him kick the foosas. He loves the King’s feet to the next level and can even rip off a tree to fetch them!

King Julien is irritated by his behavior of Mort. It was disclosed of Mort belongs to the species which is capable in the multiverse to absorb other Mort in the All Hail King Julien: Exiled. He recovers his creepy attitude with his good sense of humor at times. King Julien is a ruthless king and dominates Mort and obliges him to follow all his orders. King Julien is displayed as a ring-tailed lemur in the movie Madagascar. Mort is been disliked by King Julien due to his annoying nature.


His cute and innocent personality of Mort got him featured on the cover page of the zoo brochure in the movie. Soft toys of Mort are in demand for sale in the zoo. The zoo visitors find him too adorable and are in love with his t-shirt design. Mort is depicted as an unfortunate character who is always into the conduct of miserable events. He is displayed to have a negative image in the zoo. He is not known by most of the animals but all the major characters know about Mort.

  • The Crimes committed by Mort
  • He was alleged of plundered the power of God.
  • He accidentally firebombed an orphanage.
  • He looted the secret formula of the crabby patty.
  • He vanished the dinosaurs with the use of Jutsu.
  • He talks rubbish on the throne of King Julien.
  • Mort relationship

He has his unmatched loyalty to King Julien. His love for the king’s feet is infinite after he kicked the foosas and saved his life. He has been showing always loyal to King Julien and obeys him.

He got into love with Zora in the All Hail King Julien: Exiled. He proposed to her for marriage to get the necessary tools to execute his plan of escaping the prisoners. The following day they both have a furious fight and she is impressed with his strength. After the death of Koto, they share their love for each other by exchanging kisses and getting married. He is seen to be upset with his marriage in King Julien Is Watching You with his artistic drawing of King Julien’s feet being in Clover’s prison. He is left heartbroken after knowing about Zora’s love for King Julien’s uncle!


It can be seen in the movie and the series that is only talented as a good dancer, but it is not the fact. He has many more abilities such as:

  1. He is very talented in finance management and is successful to gather and retain a large amount of money.
  2. He is talented as an organ player.
  3. He is a very talented artist and can be clearly seen with his art of King Julien’s feet drawing.
  4. He is a very good drummer as seen in the song Kingdom You Ain’t No Lady.
  5. He loves to play saxophone and plays it in the song True Bromance.
    He is also a good singer.

What Gender is Mort?

The question is a trending topic to discuss. it is a tiny brown-headed creature with two huge yellow eyes. He is demure and cuddly at times. He is a Goodman’s mouse lemur. He plays the weird character constantly annoying King Julien with his mere obsession with the feet of the king.

After a lot of research, it can be concluded that it is a Gender God as there has been no mention of him being gender-specific masculine or feminine. The cute Mort belongs to the species Mouse Lemur.

Final Words

In the content, we have provided brief information about the cute and timid mouse Mort and found the answer of What Gender is Mort? as per the available sources. it is a lead character in the Madagascar tv-series and a side character in the movie.

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