Who owns the luxury watch brand Tufina? Who owns the luxury watch brand Tufina?

Who owns the luxury watch brand Tufina?

The journey of Enis Tufina has been quite a ride, a remarkable one indeed! He was fond of football in his early days and showcased his greatness on the field. But then with an unexpected turn in his life, he was impelled to shift gears and leave his favorite sport behind. He went on a completely new path, one that redefined his life out of imagination. In this article, we will share the information about the owner of the luxury watch brand.

Who is Enis Tufina?

Enis Tufina came into the world on 29th August, 1973, and is 50 years old as of 2024. He is an Albanian national. He is renowned for his remarkable journey as a footballer playing for KF Tirana, who further took asylum in Germany due to political issues in Albania in 1990. He faced a severe knee injury during his football game that led to the end of his football career, and he exhibited a commendable transition into an entrepreneur.

Enis started a new business venture and launched luxury watch brands – Pioner and Theorema in 2004 that are famous globally for their unique handmade and limited production quantities. He was brilliant in the field of e-commerce with his extensive research in the field that led to the launch of his own watch brands.

Background of Tufina Family

The Tufina family are indulged in the world of watchmaking since 1800s. The Albanian watchmaker, Bahri Tufina, grandfather of Enis, was renowned for his creative clock that he made in Albania named Tirana Alarm Clock. He underwent his kidney surgery in Italy, and continued his watchmaking work under the brand name of Tufina. After the political exploitation due to communalism in Albania, he faced imprisonment and was tortured, following to which the communist party seized all the belongings of his family.

In the 1960s Bahri took up the responsibility of teaching the watchmaking skills to the youngsters of Albania at the Tirana factory. After the communal era ended in 1990, Bahri was disturbed as the state did not compensate for the loss of his properties and belongings. This led to his grandson, Enis Tufina, the owner of Tufina Watches to relocate to Germany, and continued his family’s heritage with his watchmaking skills with German luxury watch brands Theorema and Pioner.

Tufina watches are much popular for their meticulous hand assembly and limited production till date. Their each timepiece is a creative craft of the unwavering dedication and passion of their watchmaker. The excellent product quality totally justifies the Made in Germany tag to these unique masterpieces. The high-quality materials are chosen as per the durability and quality norms to meet the product quality standards set up by Tufina Watches.

Impact of the Luxury Watch Brand globally

The relentless commitment of Enis Tufina to horology reflects with the global recognition of Tufina Watches. It was his sheer dedication that led to the establishment of a luxury watch brand internationally with high-quality, precision, and elegance. The brand initiated its setup in the United States in 2016. The global expansion was intended to ease the accessibility for Tufina customers across South and North America.

In the recent times, Tufina is a global brand with its reach in the European, American, Asian, and other countries worldwide. Theorema and Pionier watches can be availed from the physical stores at Tirana International Airport, Galeria Mall in Prizen, Toptani Center Tirana, and Downtown Tirana Bllok. The luxury watch brand intends to set up its two more physical stores in UAE, particularly in the Dubai Mall and Emirates Mall to cater the handcrafted masterpieces to their customers.

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