Why Did Jimmy and Tar Nolan Part Ways? Why Did Jimmy and Tar Nolan Part Ways?

Why Did Jimmy and Tar Nolan Part Ways?

People are shocked to hear about the separation news of Jimmy and Tar Nolan and are curious to discover the reason for their divorce. The love story just ended up with the couple parting ways with each other. People across the globe and their mates are shocked after hearing such bad news and are still wondering what led to their separation.

In this article, we will share the details of Jimmy and Tar Nolan’s reason for parting ways. The intent is to reveal their breakup reason.

Who is Jimmy Nolan?  

Jimmy Nolan is an ex-football player now turned into a coach with a high experience in the game. He was a team member of Utes from 1995 to 1999. After he decided to pursue his career as a football coach, he has successfully mentored institutions such as Fountain Valley High School, Golden West College, and Costa Mesa High School. He is currently employed as the football coach at Los Angeles Harbor College.

Who is Tar Nolan?

Tar Nolan is the ex-wife of the popular football player and coach Jimmy Nolan. She was a waitress before she got into a married relationship with Jimmy. She committed herself to the family by taking care of their children. She provided unwavering support to Jimmy in his professional career.

What affected the relationship between Jimmy and Tar Nolan?

Jimmy met Tar Nolan when she was working as a waitress in a California restaurant in 2006. The couple started dating each other and after spending quality time along, they finally decided to marry and exchanged vows in 2008. The couple was blessed with four children named Micki, Jimmy Jr., Paisley, and Daisy.

As per the reports, the loving couple Jimmy and Tar Nolan were the victims of a terrifying accident in 2020 in which they lost their youngest child, Micki, who was just 3 years old. Following the tragic incident, the family is suffering from the pain and grief of losing their loved one. The unbearable pain of losing a family member affected the family relations.

Tar Nolan’s body faced several injuries, resulting in a severe spine complication, following the accident that led to a head-on collision on September 10, 2020, in South Carolina.

What is the reason for Jimmy and Tar Nolan’s divorce?

Jimmy and Tar Nolan mutually decided to part ways in 2022, a year after the dreadful accident changed their lives with the heavy loss of their youngest kid. The news was a shocking one for everyone who crossed their paths as the couple were happy together, the news came into the limelight in 2023.

As per the reports, the couple had many indifferences after the accident and they could not find a way to come out of it, finally deciding to get separated. Even after getting into the headlines, Jimmy and Tar have had patience and refrained from commenting in the media. They have decided to bring up their children and not let their differences come in the way of their upbringing.

As per the information from a private source, Jimmy’s infidelity was a remarkable reason playing a major role in Tar Nolan’s decision to end the marriage. Jimmy was emotionally lost and failed to cope with their married relationship after the accident.  On the other side, tar was recovering from her injury and taking care of her children. Feeling lost in married life, Taran Nolan got separated from Jimmy. The divorce did not involve any fights between the couple, and got settled easily sharing their children’s custody.

Where is Tar Nolan currently?

Tar is currently in Mission Viejo, California, in the United States, where she is receiving her treatment to recover completely from her spine injury. She keeps people updated with her health improvement on her social media. Tar has improved her health significantly under the guidance of Walking with Anthony, an organization that treats people who suffer from spinal injuries. She can now walk by herself using a walker and motivates people with her journey.

Is Jimmy in a relationship after the divorce?

Jimmy is speculated to be in a romantic relationship with Barbara Fitz, soon after he parted ways with her ex-wife Tar. Barbara is renowned for her business endeavors and charity work. There is no official announcement made by either of them making the news just a rumor till confirmed by the couple.

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