Bahsid Mclean took selfie after beheading mother Tanya Byrd Bahsid Mclean took selfie after beheading mother Tanya Byrd

Bahsid Mclean took selfie after beheading mother Tanya Byrd

In this article, we will share information related to the viral Bahsid McLean Real Photo. Are you aware of who is Bahsid McLean? Have you heard about this horrifying crime? Bahsid McLean Real Photo is all over the internet and has gone viral in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. People across the globe are searching for the trending image of Bahsid McLean with his mother’s beheaded face. People worldwide are curious to know why Bahsid McLean Photo is trending.

What is the truth behind Bahsid McLean Real Photo?

Bahsid McLean has been in the news for a while pertaining to its trending image. Bahsid McLean horrified everyone, as he killed her mother Tanya, and then chopped her body into pieces with his friend William. The viral Selfie image is trending across the globe showing Bahsid with her mother’s decapitated head.

In February 2013, Bahsid took a selfie with his mother’s dismembered body. The shocking incident resurfaced a decade later when his picture holding the severed head emerged online. The macabre selfie gained global attention, reaching millions of viewers before being swiftly taken down. Subsequently, only a blurred version was circulated on social media. Despite the widespread interest, attempts to find an unblurred image of Bahsid with the severed head have proven futile, as the photo is no longer available due to a violation of community guidelines.

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Where can we find the trending Bashid McLean Head Image No Blur?

As described earlier, the trending image of Bahsid with her mother’s decapitated head was shared on social media platforms but was removed from the internet sources because of its high level of grisly content. The original image was banned and removed from all online sources. The people have posted the blurred image of McLean with her mother Tany’s head but it is now really hard to discover the original image of Bashid.

If you are willing to extract the no-blur image you can search on various social media platforms such as X, Reddit, and more. People worldwide have shared a redirecting link to the original and no blur image of Bahsid but we cannot assure if Bahsid McLean Real Photo link is legit or not!

Bahsid McLean Mother Murder Story

The tragic tale unfolds with the victim being Tanya Byrd, mother to Bahsid, whose life met a horrifying end in February 2013. During the trial, Bahsid McLean admitted to the gruesome act, confessing to murdering his mother and dismembering her body with the assistance of his friend, William Morris. In November 2019, the legal repercussions manifested as Bahsid McLean was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Presently, he serves time for the heinous crime committed several years ago.

The motive behind the murder remains unclear, though social media sources suggest that Bahsid may have been grappling with cerebral issues, experiencing auditory hallucinations since childhood. A chilling real photo of Bahsid McLean was taken after he committed matricide, and online sources indicate that he had undergone some form of treatment. Furthermore, readily available online are photos capturing both Bahsid and Tanya. This disturbing incident has created a distress in the people across the globe.

Adding a poignant layer to the narrative, Tanya’s counsel to her son to mature and lead a purposeful life seemed to have had a tragic consequence, ultimately triggering the unthinkable act of killing her own mother.

Where is Bahsid McLean Now?

He captured a photo with the severed head and shared it on social media. Subsequently, he was apprehended and found guilty of second-degree murder, obstructing prosecution, and unauthorized dissection of a human body. Presently, he is serving a sentence ranging from 25 years to life imprisonment.

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