Tanzania Floods Kill over 155 as Heavy Rainfall Persists Tanzania Floods Kill over 155 as Heavy Rainfall Persists

Tanzania Floods Kill over 155 as Heavy Rainfall Persists

The entire East Africa is experiencing heavy rainfall in the recent times and the death ratio is continuously hiking with the uncontrollable rainfall in the country. East Africa, especially Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi are highly affected with the floods and the Prime Minister is taking active steps to accelerate the process of damage control in East Africa.

The travel enthusiasts should refrain from travelling to Tanzania in the recent situation as the country is affected with heavy rains and landslides. A large number of humanity is facing an issue with over 50k households under the flood conditions. The floods in Tanzania has created a havoc situation with over 155 killed in the process and more than 230 people injured.

The Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has addressed the parliament claiming that the El Nino climatic disturbance has been the primary reason behind the heavy flooding in the country. The floods have caused a major destruction to the infrastructure, bridges, land transports, and others. The increasing deforestation, environmental degradation, and unsustainable farming practices are the other reasons leading to such calamities. Kenya is also heavily impacted by the floods with over 70 deaths as per the reports.

What is El Nino?

El Nino is climatic phenomenon that is characterized by unnatural heating of the water surfaces in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Oceans. It has a remarkable impact on the climatic patterns across the globe, leading to unusual changes in temperature, precipitation, and atmosphere, resulting in harsh weather conditions in certain parts of the world. El Nino effect is typically witnesses at an interval to two to seven years leading to extreme weather conditions like heavy floods, storms, and droughts, especially in Asia, Africa, and America.

Hence, it is recommended to refrain from travelling to Tanzania in the recent times until it gets recovered from this current disastrous situation.

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