How to Get Rid of Ageing? How to Get Rid of Ageing?

How to Get Rid of Ageing?

With the moving age, the skin also starts to age with us. The development of wrinkles, lines, dry skin, and age spots are the indications of the skin ageing. There are multiple factors that lead to skin ageing that involves the extended exposure to the UV rays, genes, and smoking as well.

It is not possible to control all the factors that lead to skin ageing but there are certain things you can consider that may help to reduce the amount of ageing with the reduction in the ageing process. Let us have a look at the certain points to keep into consideration.

  • Regular Facial Treatment

There are many preventive measures that help to reduce the ageing process of the skin, and to undergo facials is one of the remedy. The facial treatments enhances the overall outlook of the face skin by improvising the blood circulation, stimulation of collagen production, and skin exfoliation. Moreover, some premium facial treatments removes the skin dead tissues, hydrates the skin with extra nourishment, that slower down the ageing of the skin. It is an important factor to choose the facial treatment as per the skin type.

  • Regular use of Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen on a routine basis will help to reduce skin ageing by prevention of the skin from direct exposure to the UV rays. The exposure to the Ultraviolet rays enhances the natural skin ageing process as it breaks down the elastin and collagen, the proteins that provide the necessary proteins providing them the required elasticity and firmness.

The skin starts to deteriorate with the breakdown of elastin and collagen as the skin starts to sag and develops wrinkles. The application of regular sunscreen with SPF 30 or 30+ in daily routine will help out even in cloudy days. It is even recommended to reapply the Sunscreen if you are outdoor for a long span of time.

  • Give up Smoking

The habit of smoking on regular basis contributes the ageing of skin in many ways. The habit of chronic smoking gives an exposure of the skin to the destructive toxins that includes tarn, benzene, nicotine, chromium and more. The smoking results in the constriction of blood vessels in the skin’s outer layer.

The blood constriction will reduce the flow of the blood resulting in the skin not getting enough amount of oxygen and nutrients required for the skin to stay healthier. If you are addicted to smoking, then quitting of the tobacco products will help to improve the skin health in addition to the overall health of an individual.

  • Keep yourself Hydrated

The consumption of high amount of water in daily routine will keep the inner skin hydrated. When the skin receives adequate amount of hydration it enhances the protection of the skin from damaging factors such as UV rays, intense pollution, and other stressing agents in the environment. It is ideal to have a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day and even more amount if you have an exercise routine or you reside in a hot climatic environment. It is also recommended to use a humidifier in your living place to keep the skin hydrated in the dry months of winter.

Final Words

These are the things to keep into consideration to reduce the ageing of the skin. It is also good to utilize some of the anti-ageing products for the skincare. It is necessary to consult a dermatologist before the use of any skincare product in routine schedule, as they help out to choose a better skincare product according to the skin type. It is truly possible to reduce the skin ageing with a proper care and discrete attention of the skin at any age.

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