Discover Inside Life of Julius Erving Wife Dorys Madden Discover Inside Life of Julius Erving Wife Dorys Madden

Discover Inside Life of Julius Erving Wife Dorys Madden

To know or understand about Dorys Madden, let us get introduced to Julius Winfield Erving II to begin with. Julius Erving, as popularly known, is considered as one of the most valuable basketball player of all time! He is now a retired American basketball player, with his name penned in the prestigious list of the top 50 greatest players in the history of NBA! Earlier in his career, one of his teammates coined a nickname for Julius Erving, as “Dr J”. Erving is known to have played for many teams, even travelled globally, all across his lengthy career, garnering him several prestigious awards! Dorys Madden is now the wife of Julius Erving!

How old is Julius Erving wife, Dorýs Madden?

In the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on the 17th of October in 1969, initially Dorys L. Ramirez, was born to a humble couple belonging to the Mestizos ethnicity. Mestizos are people originating from parents with ethnic descents belonging to, Native Americans who over time have mixed with spouses from European descent. As of 2024, Dorys Madden has aged well to 54 years old. As per our records, she has an age difference of being 20 years younger than her current husband, Julius Erving!

Mrs. Ervings Early Life & Educational Background

Mrs Erving as she is more prominently known across her close social circles as well as the media, began with humble origins and a normal family background of her parents. Her family was filled with doting parents, loving siblings, and very few, close, reliable friends in her home city, Tegucigalpa! She studied in Honduras, and did complete her schooling in a nearby local high school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. About after having completed her degree course in Honduras, Madden shifted her base to America. Dorys Madden landed her first job in a tobacco retail store in Florida. This store was where her relationship with Julius blossomed.

Madden’s Kids & Family

To begin with, let us know their romantic history. Julius had already been married to Turquoise since 1972. Until 2003, or little before that, when Julius met her, he had already fathered 4 children through Turquoise. An unfortunate incident brought death to Cory, his youngest child, who drowned in a pond while he was trapped inside a car. During his extra-marital affair with her, Julius fathered his first kid with her, named Jules Erving. As an eventuality, Turquoise found out about his affair, and sought divorce.

Before both of them entered the institution of holy matrimony in 2008 in Los Angeles, they already had become parents of their second child, a son named Justin, together. After marriage, they were gifted with an only daughter, whom they christened, Juliette. Interestingly, She is also a mother to yet another kid of Julius through another affair with a third woman, before entering into Julius’ life. A girl called Alexandra Stevenson, was born to Julius and his then extramarital affair partner, Samantha Stevenson. Alexandra is a professional Tennis player. 

Is Dorys Madden currently married?

Ever since 2003, after his divorce with Turquoise Erving, Julius sought his amorous relationship with Madden, and went ahead towards walking the aisle with her much soon after! Even with an age gap of about 20 years, both of them have handled all marital problems, and have been together ever since, across all ups and downs in life, without letting their age affect their married life! They have been together for over 2 decades as of date. 

Who is Dr J’s first wife?

Turquoise has had been Julius Erving’s first wife since 1972 up until his affair, and child with Madden was brought to the fore in 2003. Julius and Turquoise went through a rough patch, and Turquoise selected to seek divorce with Julius soon after.

What was Julius Erving’s wife name?

Turquoise Erving, had been Julius Erving’s first wife, thence after, Julius’ current wife and life partner is Madden. She is also known by many different names such as Dorys Maddison, or Mrs Dorys Erving, Chaplin, Maddison, including several others!

Dorys Madden Husband and Love Life

Madden immigrated to America from Honduras after schooling and graduation, and sought her first employment in a tobacco shop, where she met her would-be husband, Julius Erving. A world famous, and most popular, as well as one of the most legendary NBA Stars, Julius Erving or as sports fans otherwise know him as Dr J. What began as their extramarital affair, brought them together in marriage, after Julius’ divorce from his first wife, Turquoise Erving.

They have borne 3 children, of which the first 2 are boys, and the third is a girl named Juliette. They have been together for over 2 decades or twenty years now, in Love until Death, as is their love for each other. The entire family is currently residing in in a Million-dollar Villa in New York City!

Professional Life and Net Worth

For Madden, her favourite job comes in the form of charitable works, which she carries on with her husband, Julius. Her income though is much sourced from the wealth of her husband, who also is a leading entrepreneur in the hotel industry, with several outlets across the United States of America (nationality)! She works hand-in-hand with Julius in his endeavours. She is an avid fashionista, and adores indulging in marvellous dresses, luxurious cars, and accessories! Both Madden and Erving’s combined net worth is in the ballpark of around $50-60 million as of 2024. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dorys

What Dorys Madden age as of today?

As of 2024, She today is 54 years old.

How Many Children do the Erving’s Have?

Counting Julius’ 4 children from his first marriage with Turquoise, a girl called Alexandra Stevenson from an affair before he got married the second time, followed by three children — Jules, Justin, and Julietta — with Dorys Madden, a total of Eight children sired by Julius make up their family! A son named Cory passed away in an unfortunate drowning accident before Julius had met Madden! 

In which city was Dorys Madden born?

In Tegucigalpa, Honduras, she was born as Dorys L. Ramirez.

How much the actual Net worth of Dorys Madden?

A personal fortune of about $500,000 construes her the total net worth!

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