Inside Life of Steve's ex-wife: Stephanie Sarkisian Inside Life of Steve's ex-wife: Stephanie Sarkisian

Inside Life of Steve’s ex-wife: Stephanie Sarkisian

Stephanie Sarkisian, came into the limelight because of her marriage with the popular American football coach Steve Sarkisian. Consider it as a stroke of luck or a twist of fate, Stephanie’s identity was associated with her husband’s, and later, her ex-husband’s fame. This is rather a common story where an individual gains fame due to the connection with a high-profile person than for their own achievements.

This situation propelled Stephanie Sarkisian gaining much public attention that many others in a similar situation might not encounter. Her connection to a figure as prominent as Steve Sarkisian thrust her into the limelight, giving her a notoriety that is uncommon for the partners of well-known personalities once they part ways.

Her name is always associated with her ex-husband as he is a popular celebrity football coach. In the rect times, he is with the Texas Longorns, and she got into controversy for commenting on her ex-husband’s team game against the Oklahoma Sooners. The internet has sparked since then.

What is the ethnicity of Stephanie Sarkisian?

Stephanie Sarkisian came into the world on 8th March 1974, in Japan and further shifted to the United States. She is 50 years old as of 2024. Her real name is Stephanie Yamamoto Sarkisian and she is an American national. She has mixed ethnicity as her father has Japanese roots.

Education, Personal Life

Stephanie Sarkisian got enrolled in West High School and was awarded with a diploma degree from the institution. Further, there is not much information about the University she graduated from.

She refrained to share her personal life details in the media while she was in a married relationship with Steve, and continues to do so even after parting ways with each other. As per the sources, Stephanie Sarkisian and her ex-husband, Steve, got married in a private wedding ceremony in 1997. The wedding was just prior to the reporting time for Steve to get along with the training camp of the Canadian Football League getting associated with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Does Stephanie Sarkisian have Children?

Stephanie Sarkisian was blessed with three children from her married relation with her ex-husband Steve. Her three children named Ashley, Brady, and Taylor, played a pivot role in making decision to finally part ways from her husband after their 18 years of togetherness. The couple agreed upon to raise their kids together as caring and lovely parents in a co-operative manner.

Why did Stephanie and Steve Sarkisian part ways?

When Stephanie Sarkisian and Steve announced their decision of parting ways in April, they were in a long married relation of 18 years. Their divorce was a topic that neither of them brought up into light. Further, Steve intended that they wanted to maintain the privacy of their children and their married life. Moreover, he depicted the importance of the parents teaching the values of co-operation and working together to their children. He refrained to make any comment on his divorce with her wife.

The reason behind their separation is not yet clear, but Steve remarried Loreal Smith in a very short time after he got separated with Stephanie.

Stephanie and Steve Sarkisian Divorce Settlement

Steve Sarkisian gained an unseen advantage in the divorce settlement as the newly appointed head coach of the Texas University was bound to make a one-time payment to Stephanie of $293k and his Land Rover car to his ex-wife. As per the reports, the family agreed privately on majority of their fortune, settling the matter out of court.

Steve and Stephanie agreed that none of them would be liable for alimony of child support and would raise the children together. If he wins his wrongful termination lawsuit against USC, where he’s seeking $30 million, the former Alabama offensive coordinator, who previously earned over $10 million during his tenure at Washington and additional millions at USC, stands to keep the entire amount awarded to him from the judgment.

Who is the current wife of Steve Sarkisian?

Steve Sakrisian is currently is in a married relationship with her wife Loreal Smith. She was an ex-collegiate track star and then turned into a coach. As per the sources, Steve has offered the credits of his successful career to her wife Loreal and is grateful for her extended support and motivation. She is a social media sensation with over 67k followers on her Instagram handle, where she is loved by her fans due to her frequent engagement with them.

The speculations of relation between Cher and Steve sparkled after they were seen together on several events and shared various social media posts. The sources suggests that they have dating each other for a year now.

What is Stephanie Sarkisian Net Worth?

Stephanie Sarkisian net worth is estimated to be around $1-5 million as of 2024. Her income is mainly from her divorce settlement with ex-husband Steve Sarkisian.

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