Is Mauritius a Heaven for Honeymoon Couples? Is Mauritius a Heaven for Honeymoon Couples?

Is Mauritius a Heaven for Honeymoon Couples?

Nestled like an irresistible jewel in the attracting blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a heaven for the lovers with its remarkable fusion of tropical allure and captivating appeal. It is renowned for its postcard perfect coastal beauty and swaying nature that has won the hearts of many. Let’s delve into the scintillating journey to discover Is Mauritius a Heaven for Honeymoon Couples?

It is a scenic paradise situated in the Indian Ocean much famous for its picturesque beaches, varied culture, and unique coral reefs. It is around 2000 kms to the southeastern coast of Africa, and nearly 1100 kms to Madagascar coast in East Africa. The land area of the loving destination is 2040 sq km with a residing population of 1.3+ million as of writing. The largest city Port Louis is actually the capital city of Mauritius. French and English are majorly used as a communication language for businesses and government affairs.

Which is the best time in Mauritius to travel for honeymooners?

It is a beautiful island that has a volcanic origin and is totally covered with coral reefs that adds to its natural beauty. It has a diverse cultural heritage and has a major population of Indian, French, Chinese and African descent. Mauritius is truly rated as one of the best places for the honeymoon travel couples who are fond of nature. Moreover, being a tropical season country, it is feasible for travel round-the-year. The perfect time to visit Mauritius for travel purpose if from September to November and from April to May.

Things To Do in Mauritius

Why is Mauritius the ultimate Honeymoon destination?

It is the top choice for the honeymoon couples across the globe for certain reasons:

  • Tropical Haven: it is famous as an astounding nature’s paradise with its stunning beaches, sea-through waters, soothing tropical climate, white sands, and abundant greenery leading to a definite picturesque background for a romantic getaway for honeymoon couples.
  • Varied Terrain: There is much more than beaches in Mauritius, starting from amazing rainforests, mesmerizing waterfalls, volcanic peaks, and mountains that yields infinite opportunities to the couple to explore the adventurous country.
  • Enchanting Sunsets: The west coast of the island is much known for the breathtaking views of the sundowners over the Indian Ocean. The couples can enjoy a romantic drink over the sunset and utilize the nature’s background for their memorable honeymoon photos.
  • Diversified Culture: The rich cultural heritage is influenced by Indian, European, Chinese, and African heritage adopting their traditional music, cuisine, dance and more.
  • Luxury Resorts: Mauritius has a plenty of quality boutique hotels to waterfront luxury resorts that serves wonder to honeymooners. The resorts include water villas, private suites with Jacuzzi, and several other romantic amenities in luxury Mauritius resorts.
  • Water Sports: The Island surprises you with a variety of coral reefs that can be explored with snorkeling or scuba diving. The catamaran cruise ride with your romantic partner adds up to the excitement level of your honeymoon trip.
  • Romantic Excursions: Explore the untouched islands, nature reserves, floral gardens, and develop memories with your loving one as you discover the island’s hidden gems making your trip a memorable one.
  • Genuine Hospitality: The local people of Mauritius are known for their friendly behavior and kindness, ensuring the added safety to the honeymoon couples who can enjoy their trip and create unforgettable moments together.
  • Adventure Activities: In addition to the water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, the island also offers other adventurous activities such as zip-lining, mountain hiking, quad bike ride, dolphin sighting, allowing the honeymooners to explore the nature’s beauty.

Mauritius is an ideal honeymoon destination for the couples who are willing to explore the nature’s wonders as it is a combination of nature’s scenic, rich culture, adventure, and the most needed luxury feel for the honeymooners.


Is Mauritius safe for LGBTQ+ community?

  • It is considered to travel for LGBTQ+ couples as the country officially decriminalized same-s8x activities in 2023. It is obvious that the social attitudes may vary for the locals but the hotels welcome the LGBTQ+ couples without any discrimination.

Is Visa needed to travel to Mauritius?

  • There are 16 countries listed who need a visa prior to travel, other countries do not need a visa or may have a visa on arrival to travel to Mauritius. Majority of the countries are exempted from availing a visa to travel to the nature’s paradise.

Which destination can be clubbed while travelling to Mauritius?

  • The South African safari is a prime destination to add-on with the Mauritius travel, especially the adventurous Tanzania is on the cards while planning a multi-destination honeymoon.

Would you prefer Mauritius over Maldives or Seychelles?

  • All three islands are unique in its way. Maldives is preferred for the concept of single island-resort. Seychelles is known for island hoping and is best to travel in summer, whereas Mauritius can be explored better in summer and autumn.

How many days are enough to explore Mauritius?

  • A minimum of 6-7 nights are required to explore the nature’s beauty. Further the days of travel also varies as per the availability, budget, and the relaxation time in Indian Ocean.

Is Mauritius underwater waterfall real?

  • The breathtaking underwater waterfall located near Le Morne Brabant is merely an optical illusion and not a reality.

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