Karolina Shiino and Takuma Maeda Still Together? Karolina Shiino and Takuma Maeda Still Together?

Karolina Shiino and Takuma Maeda Still Together?

Karolina Shiino is the winner of Miss Nippon Grand Prix beauty pageant. She is a Japanese model who won the title in the recent beauty pageant 2024. However, her winning announcement raises Karolina Shiino ethnicity concern among people.

There has been a lot of controversy and debate going on against Karolina Shiino. People are not happy about her winning as she was born in Ukraine.


Karolina Shiino was born on 24 th August 1997. Karolina Shiino age is 26 years old. Karolina Shiino height is a Japanese model with a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weight around 54.2 kg. She started her modelling career when she was 15 years old. She use to take modelling classes and learn how to walk. Before winning the title of Miss Japan Karolina Shiino has also won multiple beauty pageants. She gained stardom due to her astounding personality and stunning physique.

As soon as Karolina Shiino was crowned as Miss Japan the controversy on being Japanese started among the people. People questioned her religion. Many people and debaters feel she doesn’t officially originate from Japan and does not deserve to be crowned as Miss Japan 2024.  People also questioned about the reality of the beauty pageant industry.

Admist the debate and unacceptance Karolina Shiino has revealed in her speech how she was overwhelmed to win the beauty pageant as Miss Japan. She said in her winning speech that it was a dream come true moment for her and also it was a very difficult journey  to win the pageant as she faced a lot of racism.

She also said that despite of being a citizen of Japan and being Japanese, she was not been accepted in fewer events and she was not considered as Japanese. After being crowned she shows her gratitude  for finally being accepted as a Japanese. Her main aim is to create awareness among the society that values and encourages diversity.


Karolina Shiino was actually born in a small town called Ternopil in Ukraine and later moved to Japan at the age of five with her mother. She is in controversy due to her roots belonging to Ukraine and being a Japanese citizen who was born in foreign. Karolina Shiino has a mix ethnicity of Ukrainian and Japanese cultures.

After winning the title of Miss Japan, Shiino stated in her acceptance speech that she believed her success will definitely contribute to the acceptance of foreign-born citizens. Shiino also claimed that she had fought for her acceptance in the country even before the debate or controversy started.


Karolina Shiino’s mother Svitlana is an Ukrainian; who got married to a Japanese man, when her daughter Carolina  was five years  old. After getting married Carolina’s mom decided to move to Japan and that is why Carolina is claimed to be a non-Japanese resident. However, in the year 2022, Karolina Shiino received the citizenship of Japan. Not much has been known about Carolina Shino’s father. But it is very clear that Karolina Shiino Parents were Ukrainian and Japanese. About Karolina Shiino siblings it has been said that she has a half brother who also is into the field of modelling.

Karolina Shiino relationship status is said to be single. Karolina Shiino is more focussed towards her career and she is not dating anyone right now.

Karolina Shiino Net Worth

Net worth of Karolina Shiino is estimated approximately $2 million to $2.5 million. She earns via beauty shows and modelling. She also earns via her youtube channel. In her channel she posts daily beauty hacks, tips, DIY and some modelling related content via videos.

Despite of controversies and debate Karolina Shiino has gained huge popularity and has a strong fan base. People are still wanting to know more about her and know her personally. Her admirers are influenced by her journey and hard work. After being through a number of biassed events she finally won millions of hearts which depicts her strong vision and passion towards her work. Her story inspires many young girls to pursue their passions despite the hurdles that they face.

Miss Japan speculated of dating married surgeon

Miss Japan Karolina Shiino is speculated to be in a romantic relationship with a married surgeon. Karolina is a Ukraine-born model who started her modeling journey when she was just 15. Currently she is rumored to be dating a plastic surgeon who is almost twice her age. Karolina became the first Caucasian girl to win the title of Miss Japan and came into the limelight as she was not having Japanese traditional roots.

Two weeks after winning the title of Miss Japan, Karolina decided to give up her title. Her decision was followed by the news revealed by an article where she is believed to be dating a married man. Shiino is speculated to be in a close relationship with Takuma Maeda, 45, who is currently in a married relationship. Karolina denied of dating the popular muscle man at first, but later gave approval to the rumors with an Instagram post.

She admitted that she was friends with Takuma and their relation grew with time after spending quality time together. Initially, Shiino told she was unaware about the fact that Takuma was married. However, later she admitted of knowing the truth about his marital status, and apologized to his family and her current partner for her act of betrayal. She resigned from her modeling agency and returned her title of Miss Japan 2024. Her offer was accepted and the title of Miss Japan is empty as of now.

To end the igniting controversy, the muscle doctor took to Instagram and stated that he has no plans to part ways with her life partner and sincerely apologized for creating a panic situation for Karolina Shiino and others. He further vowed to focus on his work and his private life and stay away from controversies.

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