Canadian Actor Serenity Cox stars with millions of views Canadian Actor Serenity Cox stars with millions of views

Canadian Actor Serenity Cox stars with millions of views

Serenity Cox, a Canadian adult film star, and a beautiful model, was awarded with the favorite newcomer award and the model of the month in April 2022. She got into the list of the top 20 amateur models of the year in a very short span of just a year after she started her career as an adult film star.

Early Life

Real Name Serenity Cox
Date of birth 15th October 1984
Age 39 years
Nationality Canadian
Birth place Canada
Currently residing Canada
Net Worth $1 million
Relationship Status Married
Profession Model, Adult film star
Religion Christian
Birth sign Libra

What is the nationality of Serenity Cox?

Serenity Cox came into the world on 15th October 1984, and is a 39-year-old Canadian girl. Born in the month of October Serenity has Libra zodiac sign. There is not much information available related to her parents or personal life. She is a Canadian national.


Serenity Cox is an adult movie star who recently collaborated with PronHub, a famous video-sharing platform for hot content. She is in the adult entertainment industry since long, but as per the research and a video shared by her in August 2022, it can be seen that she joined PronHub just a few years ago.

Serenity Cox has achieved huge success in a short time span in the adult entertainment industry. He has a large number of followers and it can be justified with more than 450 million views on PronHub. Moreover, she was chosen as the favorite newcomer PH Award and also honored as the model of the month in 2022. She was awarded as the top performer in 2023.

She did not hesitate to work at the supermarket booth selling lottery tickets and cigarettes, before she made her way into the adult film industry. She pursued her studies by earning through this job. After a lot of struggle she faced in her life she opted to lead a luxury life and entered the adult entertainment industry.

She decided to share her exclusive content on Serenity Cox OnlyFans account. She has amassed her fans with over 350 Serenity Cox videos for which she charges a subscription fee of $12 per month.

Love Life & Relationships

She is in a marriage relationship but has not revealed much details about her marriage nor personal identity of her husband. Serenity Cox has refrained to discuss her private life on social media. She does not like to be in the limelight in the media and prefers to stay away from getting into the news. She has been much of a private girl and loves to enjoy her privacy.

In a video in August 2022, Serenity Cox told that the couple are enjoying their married life and have recorded their s8x life since they started to date. The couple also shared the videos on the adult entertainment platform. Despite, her husband being featured in the adult video, his identity is not revealed as his face is not visible or blurred. A lot of efforts is made by the media to identify the mysterious man, husband of Serenity Cox. The efforts were in complete vain and there is no information yet sourced about her husband.

Serenity Cox has attained success in the adult entertainment world, yet she has faced criticism and negative comments from certain individuals. She chose not to revert back to them and kept intense focus on her work rather than getting into the controversy. She has been committed to her adult film world and is yet to achieve higher success in the entertainment industry.

Further, Serenity Cox has an involvement in philanthropic activities with her job as an adult film star. She has kept her foot forward to donate in various charity organizations and also spoken in support of the noble causes. Serenity Cox is dedicated to give it back to her community by helping the really needy people.

What is Serenity Cox Net Worth?

Serenity Cox is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million with her amazing work in the adult entertainment world and her modeling assignments for the popular brands. She is active on social media and earns a handsome amount from her brand endorsements. She is expected to have a higher success in the industry and increase in her overall assets.


Who is Serenity Cox?
  • She is a Canadian adult film star and a highly aspiring model.
How old is Serenity Cox?
  • She is 39 years of age as of 2024.
Where is Serenity Cox currently residing?
  • She currently resides in Canada.

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