Why is the Pookie couple trending on TikTok? Why is the Pookie couple trending on TikTok?

Why is the Pookie Couple trending on TikTok?

A happening pair now famous as Pookie Couple are trending on TikTok with their fit looks gaining millions of views on their posts. Let us delve into the detail why the fans are obsessed with this stylish pair?

The term Pookie has grained traction in the recent times as many people are willing to use this word on TikTok. The word Pookie means a loving nickname or an endearment phrase that is used for a dear one and is particularly used for addressing your loved ones.

To your surprise, one of the TikToker has got famous on the social media app as “Pookie” as her videos alongside her husband are trending on the app and have went viral gaining a million of views on each video. Let us know who Pookie is?

Who is Pookie that went viral on TikTok?

Pookie Couple TikTok

Pookie is the nickname given by Jett Puckett, husband of the much famous TikToker Campbell Puckett while referring to the TikToker in her videos. Campbell is a TikTok sensation currently trending on social media as Pookie with a growing fan base and is receiving millions of views on her videos in the recent times.

How did Pookie get famous on TikTok?

Jett Puckett and Campbell Puckett have gone viral as a Pookie couple on TikTok on majority of the occasions with their fit check videos trending where Jett is seen complimenting Pookie, describing her looks as fire or amazing.

TikTok users are not able to get enough of Jett Puckett creating a hype of her wife Pookie’s outfits, with one of the fan giving the couple a new nickname of “Roman Empire”. Further, the followers are confused and curious to know the reason Campbell and Jett Puckett are going viral on TikTok, whereas their fans are ready to defend their Pookie couple by showering the love on their video content.

Another TikTok user shared his views stating he was not able to focus on anything else as the only thought going in his mind was of Pookie appearing absolutely fire tonight!

Jett Puckett expressed the much popular recent phrase in a TikTok video that was posted on 28th January, depicting his admiration for her wife’s amazing attire for their date night. Her outfit was a combination of scintillating CB corset top, Girlfriend Jeans, and LA heels.

How did the Pookie couple get to know each other?

Campbell and Jett Puckett met each other for the first time while she was providing her services as a flight attendant and Jett was a grad student. In a video that was posted on 11th January, Jett described how he met her Pookie girl at a wine bar located in Philadelphia. The couple started to know each other and few days later they were literally inseparable.

Pookie couple relationship Status Update

The Pookie couple got into a romantic relationship and just after 10 months of their dating, the duo decided to marry each other and tied their knot on 14th April, 2018, as per one of her blogs. The couple also bought a fantastic house in Atlanta in that duration.

What does Pookie and her husband do for a living?

Apart from her trending TikTok account, Campbell owns a fashion blog site named as You Should Wear That. Prior to that she happily worked for American airlines as a flight attendant, as per the reports from her LinkedIn profile.

Jett is appointed in mergers and acquisitions in the dental industry. He pursued his under graduation from the University of Georgia, where he received his bachelors in economics and political science. Further, he completed his master’s in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. He also received a Juris Doctor degree from the same university.

Does Pookie couple have any kids?

Campbell and Jett Puckett do not have any kids as of now. Yes, they are dog parents and have a French Bulldog whom they call Pierre.

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