Is Elon Musk willing to compete X with YouTube? Is Elon Musk willing to compete X with YouTube?

Elon Musk X new app to compete with YouTube?

Elon Musk is about the make changes in his social media site X, by adding videos and other smart TV stuff, making it compete with YouTube. He tends to do so because people across the globe love to witness the long videos on large screens. The intent of Musk is to develop X into a multifaceted social media platform where the users can enjoy creative videos as well, believing that X will gain much popularity like YouTube with the addition of online videos on the platform.

What is the reason behind it?

As per the reports, X is believed to launch a TV app to compete with YouTube. The app will make its launch initially on Samsung and Amazon Smart TVs. The idea behind doing it is to favor the X users who love to watch online videos on big screens. Moreover, a private information suggested that Musk is aiming not only to compete with YouTube but also with Reddit, Twitch, Signal, and other popular platforms.

It is a much known fact that Google Search is the leader in terms of online searches, while YouTube reigns its supremacy as the primary platform for online video content. Since its launch in 2005, YouTube is the preferred destination for the creative video makers, movie lovers, gamers, and several others.

Musk is ready for competing X with YouTube, clearly establishing it as a video-centric platform. Musk stated of a possibility of introducing a smart TV app for X in response to a user’s suggestion for enhanced TV viewing choices. Musk replied, “It’s coming,” suggesting the future advancements.

Will there be any algorithm change in X?

Musk currently unveiled an algorithm update for X, with its goal to expand the user outreach. The update enables the followers to see your pinned post, which is restricted to once every 48 hours for preventing the misuse. In the recent times, only a few followers are able to see the post, but the update will ensure the increase in the views as the followers can see at least one post, improving the visibility of your account.

Elon Musk sparks controversy as he celebrated temporary win over Australian government on censorship

Elon Musk got indulged in a legal draft with the Australian government over a censorship in a stabbing case that occurred in a church. The government of Australia asserted Elon Musk to remove the violent incident of stabbing that took place in a Sydney church. Musk did not agree and argued with the government on censorship at a global level. The case got intensified when the Australian PM termed Elon Musk as an arrogant billionaire and stated his intentions of not allowing displaying such violent acts on social media platforms.

Musk argued on the basis of free speech and challenged the Australian law over several other countries across the globe. The Federal court denied the request of the Australian government to remove the videos from the online platform, allowing the content to view for the individuals until there is any further development in the case. This verdict suggested a temporary win of the world’s richest man Elon Musk over the Australian government in the ongoing case of censorship and free speech.

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