Know more about American Rapper Eladio Carrion Know more about American Rapper Eladio Carrion

Know more about American Rapper Eladio Carrion

Eladio Carrion has amassed his fans worldwide with his dedication and contributions in the entertainment industry, gaining fame globally with his skills and talent. The fans are curious to know more about Eladio Carrion age, parents, net worth, girlfriend, height, and much more beyond his musical abilities.

What Ethnicity is Eladio Carrion?

Eladio Carrion came into the world on 14th November, 1994, in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. He is 29 years of age as of 2024 who started his journey as a rapper at a very young age. He gained fame in no time and even tried his hands as a comedy artist, and a communicator before he opted to pursue as a full-time musician.

Wiki / Bio

Real Name   Eladio Carrion Morales
Birth Date 14th November, 1994
Birth Place Kansas City, Missouri, US
Age 29 years
Birth sign Capricorn
Career Rapper, Musician
Nationality American
Ethnicity Puerto Rican

He is an American national and moved across the globe because of his father’s services in the US military. His father hails from Puerto Rico and Eladio Carrion mom is Maria. His ethnicity is Puerto Rican.

How tall is Eladio Carrion?

Eladio Carrion stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 67kg. He fascinates his fans with his charming personality and his amazing singing skills.


Eladio burst onto the Puerto Rican music scene in 2016 with his hit video song “Me Enamoré de una Yal.” With his unique baritone voice and smooth freestyle style, he quickly won over both fans and fellow artists. People loved his creative beats, memorable melodies, and his skillful songwriting.

He collaborated with popular personalities like Darkiel, Myke Towers and Yann C, for the video shoot Sigue Bailandome in 2018 that propelled him to the top of the charts, recognizing him as a renowned Latin rapper. His work with Zion on Mi Error headed in the top 20 with over 33 million views on YouTube.

The famous American rapper has a large number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. His songs are much popular amongst the youth and also in every age group, He has over 2.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where you can easily discover his compositions and songs.

Carrión delves into profound emotional depths, sharing his experiences and challenges with listeners. The guest artists on the album are thoughtfully chosen to enhance its essence, mirroring Carrión’s musical influences and current creative inspirations. “Sol María” represents Carrión’s most intimate and fulfilling project yet, serving as a heartfelt tribute to his greatest supporter while deeply connecting with audiences on a personal level.

Does Eladio Carrion have a Girlfriend?

Eladio refrains to share his private life information in the media and does not reveal much about his relationship and his family life. As per the reports, Carrion is yet single and is not in any love relation.

He is not married and intends to focus completely on his musical career. There are speculations of Eladio dating a local Puerto Rican woman, but there is no confirmation regarding the same.

What is Eladio Carrion Net Worth 2024?

Eladio Carrion net worth is estimated to be around $5-10 million as per the online sources. He earned his money from his successful musical career, and his other business endeavors like a sitcom and a clothing line.

Where can you discover Eladio Carrion songs?

You can enjoy Carrion’s music across various platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Here are some links to his official channels and playlists:

  • YouTube: You’ll find his music videos, audios, and BZRP Music Sessions on his channel: Eladio Carrion YouTube Channel
  • Spotify: Stream his songs and albums like “Sol María,” “3MEN2 KBRN,” and “SEN2 KBRN VOL. 2” on his Spotify playlist: Eladio Carrion Spotify Playlist
  • SoundCloud: Listen to his tracks and remixes such as “Sauce Boyz 2,” “Monarca,” and “Easy” on his SoundCloud profile: Eladio Carrion SoundCloud
  • Apple Music: Download and play his music on your devices, and explore his radio station through this link: Eladio Carrion Apple Music


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