SEGA announced Crazy Taxi Reebot as a Huge Open World AAA SEGA announced Crazy Taxi Reebot as a Huge Open World AAA

SEGA announced Crazy Taxi Reebot as a Huge Open World AAA

Sega first introduced its arcade-style racing game Crazy Taxi in 1999. It came into the limelight pertaining to its fast-paced, open-world environment where the participants are assigned the role of a taxi driver who picks up their passengers and helps them reach their destination at the earliest.

It was developed by Sega in 1999 and made its release on Dreamcast in the following year selling out more than a million copies. The game was pretty simple as the driver earned handsome amount by delivering their passengers to the destination in a minimum time period, and also earned bonus for performing several stunts showcasing their talents on the way to their destination. The game was also famous for the soundtrack that involved talented artists like Offspring.

Is Crazy Taxi Arriving Soon?

Crazy Taxi Reboot

Sega made an announcement during The Game Awards 2023 of their upcoming games about to arrive that involved jet Set Radio, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Golden Axe, and the most popular Crazy Taxi franchise. There is no specific release date declared as of now from Kanno. The game development is underway and will definitely take a bit to complete, seeming to be a 2025 release.

Open World AAA Gameplay

After the exciting news of Crazy Taxi reboot that surfaced in The Game Awards 2023, there have been no further updates about the popular franchise. In February it was mentioned by Takaya Segawa, the guy who manages the studio in Japan that the game will be AAA.

In the recent times, producer Kenji Kanno revealed in an interview that the upcoming Crazy Taxi Reboot will be open world environment game that may involve multiple players to enjoy the racing game at an instance. Also there is a speculation of the theme of a realistic city map taking an inspiration from the West Coast of the United States.

There are several sequels of the racing game franchise developed by Sega. The last franchise game we witnessed on Nintendo was Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride in 2003. The franchise game High Roller was introduced in 2002 as an Xbox exclusive game. The latest release of the franchise Crazy Taxi Tycoon was in 2017. Since then we are eagerly awaiting for the much famous racing game franchise to make its release expected in 2025.

Is Crazy Taxi release date announced?

Crazy Taxi Reboot release date has not been revealed as of now. It is expected to arrive soon as an open world AAA multiplayer game.

On what platforms will Crazy Taxi be making its release?

It is really hard to predict the platform release of the popular game at this stage.

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