US Woman found sleeping in Overhead Bin in Southwest Airlines US Woman found sleeping in Overhead Bin in Southwest Airlines

US Woman found sleeping in Overhead Bin in Southwest Airlines

In a unique and offbeat incident, a US woman was discovered enjoying her sleep in the overhead bin in a Southwest Airlines flight. This strange incident left the airlines crew and the fellow passengers spellbound, imagining how the US women found her relaxing spot in the overhead bin.

This unconventional event has sparked curiosity and gained the limelight as the event is trending across multiple social media platforms and the media. Let us explore the details of this unusual event and unwrap the truth behind the unexpected nap in the clouds.

The Southwest Airlines is amongst the top-rated economic carriers across the globe that renders reasonable travel prices without any comprise on their exquisite services. It is known for the customer-friendly travel and effectiveness.

Further, they avail two check-in bags for free, this policy saves a lot for the frequent travelers. Moreover, their distinct open seating policy enables the passengers to select their seats as they board on this customer-friendly flight. With this features, travelling with Southwest Airlines makes your trip memorable and full of comfort.

US Women enjoyed nap in overhead storage

Talking about comfort, a video of a US women has went viral where she is found enjoying her nap in the overhead bin of the flight in Southwest Airlines. The flight scheduled from Albuquerque to US Phoenix on 6th May witnessed this peculiar incident. The video has gone viral on TikTok gaining over 5 million views and later gained attention on several other social media platforms as well.

The mixed reaction is seen in the viral video where some of the passengers are perplexed by this behavior whereas other fellow passengers are laughing out at this bizarre incident. The women is seen in a stretched out position in the luggage compartment as if she is relaxing in her bed at home.

It is still not discovered is the US woman is a crew member of the flight or a passenger but such unusual behavior has raised concerns about the security. Further, people across the globe are still wondering how on the earth she managed to climb into the overhead bin.

The netizens reacted on this incident trolling the situation, one even commented that this is the perfect use of the open seating policy offered by the Southwest Airlines allowing the passenger to select their own seat. There is no official statement from the Southwest Airlines as of now.

This is not the first incident where a traveler is found in the overhead bin of the flight. A crew member of the Southwest airlines climbed in the storage space in Nashville International Airport in Tennessee in the United States. Further, a passenger travelling to Ibiza was discovered sleeping in the overhead bin on Ryanair flight. The passenger enjoyed the moment and was laughing as he was bound to leave his most comfortable seat on the way to Ibiza.

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