What led to the death of Squidward in Spongebob? What led to the death of Squidward in Spongebob?

What led to the death of Squidward in Spongebob?

This content shares information about the new trending video on How did Squidward Die Video. Spongebob Squarepants has always been among the popular TV cartoon for children. We got surprised by the cartoon show getting into the social media TikTok trend. However, the trend on the TikTok app is not for the kids, and it conflicts with the character displayed in the TV show.

The ongoing trend is not suitable for the kids and is going viral through the How Did Squidward Die Video challenge. The creative people of the United States who are involved in this challenge need to record them before & after watching the YouTube video. The challenge has been trending and gained a lot of popularity on social media.

What is the reason behind the trending video?

The video began to start trending in March 2022 and asks people to watch Squidward’s Suicide Lost or Red Mist episode. The video shows the miserable condition of Squidward who goes through emotional trauma following which he brings an end to his life with a shotgun!

The video consists of the edited worry music creating an additional effect in the episode. The trending video is a part of the online horror legend creepypasta. How Did Squidward Die Video is already trending and has gone viral.

Video Description

The story of the Nickelodeon video is depicted by the intern who claimed to have watched the episode of Squidward. He described the Octopus bringing an end to his life at the end of the episode.

The video was created in order to create disturbance in the viewers affecting the people who took part in the TikTok challenge. The later part of the video is made of the users’ reactions and it consists of the panic and muddled faces of the spectators.

Feedback from the people about How did Squidward Die Video

The people across the globe have depicted their muddled state after witnessing the trend that created havoc on the spectators. There is no comment or suggestion made about the death of the character in the video! The people described the extreme creepy noise being a concern and claimed it to be too horrifying. Some of the viewers also stated the climax of the video to be very brutal.

People have given mixed reviews about the video. Some of them even started watching the video as the biggest mistake of their life. It was described to be very scary. The people in the United States felt distorted and were not happy about the character Squidward. The challenge was a mere shock to the users about How did Squidward Die Video!


It can be concluded that the currently trending video on TikTok has gained a lot of attention from the viewers, and the majority of the people are horrified watching the video. The end of the video is described to be too brutal, and the climax was not expected to be horrifying.

The creative video is very different and is fascinating for people to view. After watching the video, you can share your perception regarding the video on the trending video How did Squidward Die Video!

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